[Sentoa] FW Leaks

rich at richardloschinc.com rich at richardloschinc.com
Sun Oct 3 00:39:43 EDT 2004

Hi Steve,

Hope you finished your summer boating in the PNW with fun and good memories.  We
got as far north as Campbell River at the end of August, but for the most part
we had rain, rain, and low clouds. Still good to get away.  Now that I'm going
90MPH and in 6 different directions at the shop, I can fondly remember those 9
knot days.

Anyway, I chased a leak in the fwd head under the sink for more than a year,
mostly putting a greek gasket under it until it annoyed me enough to do
something.   After checking all the trap joints, I finally found that the 1
1/4" brass drain pipe-the pipe that attaches to the sink with plumber's putty
had a linear crack in it, of course in the back where I couldn't see or feel
it.  The replacement was difficult to find, but had luck in a larger RV store.

After replacing the drain, it was still getting wet under the sink.  Now it
appears that the faucet fixture needs re-bedding. Next trip...

Good luck finding the leak.

Rich Losch

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