[Sentoa] Completion of the Great Circle Route

William Hjerpe wdhjerpe at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 8 06:49:20 EDT 2004

Dear Tuggers
Donna and I are proud to say that we have officially completed the Great 
Circle Route.  We left Sanibel Island Florida on June 18, and our Nordic 
Tug, Resolute has earned her name and is now in Alton Illinois. Cruising 
across Florida, up the eastern seaboard, into the Hudson River and New York 
Canal system, through the Great Lakes and Welland Canal, and down the 
Illinois River were all unforgettable experiences.  On prior cruises, 
Resolute ably took us from Minneapolis to Sanibel, including the entire 
Cumberland River, and circumvented Southern Florida including the Florida 
Keys. Now I have the pleasure of returning the boat to her home port of 
Sanibel, and commencing my second "Loop."
We hope to be home by mid-November, depending on the post-hurricane 
condition of the ICW in the Panhandle. I can't say enough about the 
dependability and seaworthiness of our Nordic Tugs. To boot, our boat 
attracted attention wherever we were en route.
Bill Hjerpe

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