[Sentoa] Need Advice

Herb Nickles captain at allhandsandthecook.com
Wed Oct 13 09:03:47 EDT 2004


We cruise at 1600 RPMs which moves us along at around 8.5 knots 
depending on the current and wind.  Our 5,0000 mile average is 7.77 
knots/hour including docking and exploring.  I was told at the engine 
class by Cummins experts that the turbo on the 37 engine kicks in at 
1600 RPMs and that should be your minimum cruising speed for a healthy 
engine.  FYI, we frequently cruise at 1200 when we are on a river or 
exploring, and we occasionally will cruise at 2000-2200 if we have an 
exceptionally long run over open water.  For example we ran from 
Provincetown on the northern tip of Cape Cod to Boothbay Harobor in 
Maine.  It was 118 nautical miles and we did it in a little less than 
10 and a half hours at an average speed of 11.32 knots.  If you are 
interested in seeing our logs, I have all of the data from the past 
four summer cruises on my website at www.snorri.info.

Regarding hull slap:  Boats in the water make noise, that's part of 
what makes them fun and different from sleeping at home!  If one is 
successful at reducing the hull slap noise, then one will notice the 
stretching and chafing of the dock or mooring lines, and then the whirr 
of the anemometer, and then the fluttering of the yacht club burgee, 
etc. etc. etc.  My wife loves the hull slap and says it lulls her to 
sleep.  It doesn't exactly lull me to sleep but I've learned to read 
the hull slap and make it useful.  I can tell when the wind changes, 
when the tide changes, and, like Slocum, when natives are trying to 
board my boat.  :-)  We would rather sleep on Snorri than in our bed at 

Herb Nickles
SNORRI, NT 37-049

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