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My 1988 32, hull 15, uses the original steering cylinder. The autopilot pump 
connects to the cylinder plumbing near the cylinder, and in autopilot mode 
the steering wheel is disabled. If you need to know the actual bore and 
stroke of the ram, measure the OD of the cylindrical portion, subtract 3/8 
inch, and you'll be pretty close. You can measure the stroke just by turning 
the wheel in both directions and measuring the stroke at the ram.
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> Hi again Tuggers ....I am getting an education on autop pilots ....If I
> use Ray Marine it has been reccomended I use the S2 or the S2G corepack
> ...that seems to be the general opinion ...No one has been able to
> actually tell me what size Ram my boat has ???? does any one  out there
> actually know the size of the ram  used in the early 32's ....also I
> would need the brand of the ram and the model number ...it could be a
> Wagner  or a Seastar  brand ...thanks  Ron and Marlo Smith 32-10
> s
> On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 15:58:59 -0700 Ron Smith <hammyron at juno.com> writes:
>> Hi Tuggers ....I  am going to install  a  autopilot in my 32-10 boat
>> ....I would like some input from you with experience as to size  and
>> manufacturer  recommended .....I  would request the ram size and
>> model
>> number and manufacturer  if any one knows it ...I am in California
>> and
>> this boat is in Washington ....Ray marine seems to be the pilot of
>> choice
>> but there seems to be some confusion as to whether I need a S1 or an
>> S2
>> corepack ....so some help would be appreciated ..thanks   Ron and
>> Marlo
>> Ann 32-10 and 32-64
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