[Sentoa] Red Hulls

Steve Weiser s.weiser at comcast.net
Wed Oct 20 00:21:26 EDT 2004

Mike.....as you may know, red is by far the worst-performing color in 
UV tolerance.  Why not consider another color?

Steve Weiser
Nordic Tug 37 #114
Alameda, Calif.

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Subject: [Sentoa] Red Awlgrip Color
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We are finally giving up on the 20 year old red gelcoat on our 1984, 26
NT.  We are planning to paint her with Awlgrip this winter.  The local
yard we want to use has a lot of experience with Awlgrip and not so much
with the competitors.  We would like the paint color to be as similar as
possible to the original NT red gelcoat.
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