[Sentoa] Zinc replacement interval

Fritz Kucklick fritz at kucklick.com
Mon Oct 25 09:09:27 EDT 2004

In Florida I replace all zincs and touch up the bottom paint every year. 
Need to wipe down the bottom with a sponge or brush every month or so to 
knock off baby barnacles and other stuff that grows.

The bottom has only been totally repainted once since 1988. Bottom paint 
touchup is done primarily on the skeg where we abrade it on the sandy bottom 
which seems to move around with the Florida tides and weather. My touchup 
kit includes a partial bucket of bottom paint with the brush stored inside. 
Open lid, mix it up, apply, and close it. No cleanup this way.

Fritz Kucklick
Puffin 32-15

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> How often does one need to check/replace the zincs on a 26' tug? We just
> bought the boat a year ago and had all the zincs replaced when it was 
> hauled
> for survey. It's been moored at Everett the last 10 months which is low in
> salt content due to river flow. How about bottom paint? Do most of you do 
> it
> each year?
> Steve Koepp
> "Scout" 26084, Everett, WA
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