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Letcher Ross letcher at corvid.org
Mon Oct 25 14:00:55 EDT 2004


Our tug is also in the Port of Everett marina and I have an interesting
story about zincs and divers.

We move Josephine to Everett in late November 2003 from Lake Union in
Seattle (fresh water).  The zincs were all about six months old at the time.

We have friends who also had a Nordic Tug one dock away from us in the POE
marina.  This past summer they decided to sell their boat and to ensure no
surprises at the survey haul-out, they hired a diver to clean the bottom and
check the zincs.

I received a phone call from the husband and he told me that the diver had
reported that he needed to replace the zinc on his bow thruster.  The
problem is that his boat didn't have a bow thruster but our boat does.  He
concluded that the diver had dived on the wrong tug! Our boats were the only
Nordic Tugs in that part of the marina.

Oh well, I hadn't planned to haul our tug this year but if we needed a zinc
I thought I had better replace it.  I hired a different dive and arranged to
meet him at our boat to be sure he worked on the correct boat.  I gave the
diver a new zinc for the bow thruster and after a short time he surfaced
with a nearly perfect bow thruster zinc in his hand!  We hadn't needed a new
zinc at all.  I had the diver replace all our zincs while he was there.  It
cost about $120 plus the cost of the zincs.

The question remains- since there were no other tugs in that part of the
marina, who's boat did the first diver work on?  Since the original diver
knew the boat would be hauled in a few days it seems unlikely he would
deliberately try to cheat our friend. :-)

Letcher Ross
Josephine NT 32-108
Snohomish, WA

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> How often does one need to check/replace the zincs on a 26' tug? We just
> bought the boat a year ago and had all the zincs replaced when it was 
> hauled
> for survey. It's been moored at Everett the last 10 months which is low in
> salt content due to river flow. How about bottom paint? Do most of you do 
> it
> each year?
> Steve Koepp
> "Scout" 26084, Everett, WA
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