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The bags you described were made by John Natto at Tradewind Canvas in
Anacortes, WA. I don't have his current contact info, since we haven't done
any business in several years, but I'm certain information can provide the

Jim Cress
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Hi there tuggers .....several friends who have 32's like ours have two
clothes containers that are made of breathable fabric and square in shape
and hang under the overhang in the forward stateroom ..they appear to be
about 10 to 12 inches square and perhaps 4 feet long ..they have zippers for
entry and are attached to the overhang with twist locks ....does any one
know where  those containers are made ....or  perhaps someone out there has
them and are not using them and would care to part with them ....I would be
interested in buying the set for our boat or having some made ...thanks 

On another note ..I have two small scooters that are fitted with gas two
stroke engines that are 43CC each ..they are equipped with a sit down seat
and are also equipped with Horn , turn signals, brake lights head light and
are both electric start and pull start ...they are in NEW condition  ...they
start easily and run well and the handle bars fold down for easy storage
...I can pick one up with one hand ...one is black and one is red ...I paid
over 350.00 for each of them and have only use them a few times .they come
with a battery charger for the starting battery ...the batteries are in as
new condition ....I will sell both of them for 500.00 and will ship them or
take them to Washington state and they will be available at Port Orchard  in
the near future .....thanks Ron and Marlo Smith 32-10 and 32-64
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