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Steve Weiser s.weiser at comcast.net
Mon Oct 25 23:59:35 EDT 2004

Jean and Ron....here's my biased opinion.  We have a Brooks Cargo Mast 
and stow the dink on the upper deck.....I call it the boat deck as a 
result.    I don't think it is difficult at all to launch and retrieve. 
  However, we don't have a pet that has to be taken ashore periodically 
(and we won't have a pet).

The drawbacks to stowing on the transom are many, but I can only 
remember a couple:  as someone said, a big wave catching the thing 
could do some damage;  looks ugly;  hides your boat name;  restricts 
visibility astern;  complicates getting on/off your boat in the marine.

Steve Weiser
Nordic Tug 37 #114
Alameda, Calif.

On Oct 24, 2004, at 9:01 PM, sentoa-request at lists.samurai.com wrote:

We have just purchased 37-118. The F/B 37 and really love it.
We have been trying to determine the best position for our inflatable  
Swim platform mount on davits or salon mount with manual crane?
We plan to do extended cruises and need ease of handling and also ease 
berthing stern in and boarding via the swim platform and visibility aft 
from the
  cockpit and helm position.
If salon mount then visibility looking aft from the helm position is  
unless the boat is chocked way up. But mounted up top it is out of the  
harder to launch but berthing/boarding is easy.
Looking for some experienced owners to give us their opinion?
Jean and Ron
Dubhe III 37-118
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