[Sentoa] Dinghy Retrieval

Steve Weiser s.weiser at comcast.net
Wed Oct 27 12:09:21 EDT 2004

I completely agree with Herb Nickle's comments (excerpt below), 
especially about the weight of the package.  In our case, we have a 9' 
3" Zodiac with inflatable floor, weight about 65 lbs, and a 5hp Honda 
4-cycle, weight about 65 lbs.   This little motor is so economical that 
I carry a little 4 gallon gas tank hoping I'll use up the gas before it 
goes stale, and I never do, so I put stabilizer in it.

By the way, my 10 year old granddaughter was able to crank the winch 
this summer with the above package. Don't forget it's a 16:1 winch and 
then you have the additional leverage effect of the blocks, which 
adds....what?......another 6:1?

I've seen the AquaPro aluminum RIB and it is a really fine product as 
far as I can tell.  I think they're made in Australia or New 

Steve Weiser
Nordic Tug 37 #114
Alameda, Calif.

On Oct 26, 2004, at 9:01 PM, sentoa-request at lists.samurai.com wrote:

f you go this route, I suggest you purchase the lightest dinghy
possible.  We went with a 9'+ AquaPro aluminum RIB that weights 75 lbs.
   Many fiberglass ribs are twice as heavy.  The 9 hp outboard weights
another 75 lbs and 5 gals of fuel is 40 lbs.  We can easily carry the
entire rig up on the beach if necessary.  I also recommend you mount
your dinghy on the port side of the boat deck, fore and aft, rather
than diagonal or amidships. 
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