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My check list includes: change Racor fuel filter cartridge, change oil
and oil filter, change transmission oil, remove raw water intake hose
and place it in a bucket of anti-freeze (-60), run engine until
anti-freeze issues from exhaust, drain water tanks, flush holding tank
and add anti-freeze through head, remove raw water pump impeller, seal
through hull openings (to prevent small animal incursions).  Some people
remove their batteries, I have an on-board three-stage charger, which I
run for 12 hours once a month.

We are lucky enough to be able to keep 26' Tootsie in our side yard.
Inside storage in the Northeast costs an arm and a leg, and I honestly
don't see any advantage.  Snow has never been a problem.  I do sweep off
the cover if it builds up in a heavy storm.  We use a frame system
called NutShell, by Marblehead structures (Marblehead Structures, POB 44
Marblehead, MA 01945, Tel: +1800 632 9536 Fax: +1781 631 9457).  This is
a re-usable frame of PCP pipe designed to fit your boat.  It is rugged,
light weight, easily assembled, disassembled and stored.  You can cover
it with an inexpensive heavy duty tarp from Harbor Freight.  Shock cords
serve as tie-downs.

In the long run, all of this attention to detail adds up to reliability
afloat next season and preservation of your boat.

Fred Bauer, "Tootsie"

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Hi Everyone,

This will be our first Northeast winter with Nomad. 

Any thoughts on the best practices for storage? We
plan to keep her in the boat yard but I'm interested
in what others do about covering their boat. Is snow a
problem? Is indoors worth the investment? Special
situations to look for, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Gordon
Nomad NT37-103

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