[Sentoa] Chartering a Nordic Tug-37 for Cruising

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Before acquiring our NT-42, we chartered each year from Anacortes Yacht 
Charters over a 17 year period.  In our opinion, they are a great 
organization.  The boats they charter are reliable; the staff is 
professional; and they stand by their customers with good service.  We had 
nothing but good experiences (and great memories) with AYC.

Greg Spradlin

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My wife and I are thinking about becoming Nordic Tug 37 owners.  While a
majority of our experience has been on sailboats we have been on both a
NT-32 and NT-37 for brief day trips and love the boat however we would
like to actually spend a week living and cruising on a NT-37 before
proceeding to purchase one.

We are located on the east coast in the Boston area and since our
daughter currently lives in Seattle.  One option we have been
considering is chartering an NT-37 through Anacortes Yacht Charters in
Washington State so we can cruise the San Juan Island area.

With this background in mind I wanted to pose a few questions to seek
advice from you more experience folks:

    - Are there also companies on the east coast (e.g. Northeast) that
also charter NT-37s?

    - Does any one have experience with Anacortes Yacht Charters that
            they might be willing to share?

    - When chartering a NT-37 - any tips or advice that folks might be
willing to share?

    - Any good cruising guide recommendations for the San Juan Island
area in
            Washington state?

Thanks in advance for any information you can share..

Pete & Sue

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