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I have a sailboat friend who uses an electric trolling motor to power dinghy.  For a battery he has a great set-up.  He uses a portable power-pack battery of the type sold (low cost at auto parts store) as a back-up to "jump start" cars. It has rugged case, handle, built-in charger with cord to plug into AC (shore or boat's generator power), and a meter to indicate voltage as an approximation of charge remaining.  He seems very happy with the arrangement and can go an hour under power.
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Anyone use an electric trawling motor for the dinghy? Opinions? Thoughts on how to estimate needed pounds of thrust? Thoughts on keeping yet one more battery charged? If the other boat batteries are wet cell, can the motor's battery be gel cell? Other than making sure the motor is specifically designed for salt water, are there other considerations you'd advise taking into account?
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