[Sentoa] Belated Galley Sink

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I plan to do the loop in a couple of years and might "practice" by going
down the river as far as Harborside Marina and then back to Racine, WI.
Why was your trip so "eventful"?

Carey Cook

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I have been gone for a few weeks cruising down the Chicago River to
Harborside Marina. A short but eventful trip as any of you know who have
done it. I kept saying to myself I must be nuts to turn around and put
myself through that again, but we did. My wife is a real sport for doing
this. It was quite hairy at points.

Anyway I thought I would mention Lewis Marine Group as a source for most
hard to find parts. It was the only place that had my galley sink. They
are wholesale, so you have to call them to find the closest distributor
who will order the part. I ordered a catalog from them and it has helped
me find many obscure parts.

Their phone numbers are: 800-327-3792 and in Fort Lauderdale


Dean Raffaelli
Carrie Rose 32044
Chicago, IL
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