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Steve Weiser s.weiser at comcast.net
Thu Oct 5 00:52:00 EDT 2006

I second the comment about Furuno being preferred over Raymarine.   
I've heard too many stories about Raymarine problems, and I think  
their customer service is weak at best.  If I were commissioning all  
over again,  I would not install anything Raymarine.

Our C120 problems were solved by replacing the GPS unit.  Make sure  
you have, or get, the Raystar 125, not the Raystar 120.  Of course,  
Raymarine never notified registered owners that the 120 GPS unit was/ 
is suspect.   Why do we send in the registration cards like  
programmed cyborgs?  We think we're going to get some benefit, or  
some benign care from the company.  Instead, we get nothing unless we  
pursue it relentlessly.

Steve Weiser
Nordic Tug 37 #114
Alameda, Calif.

Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006 08:32:17 -0700
From: Rich Losch <rich at richardloschinc.com>
Subject: Re: [Sentoa] Raymarine E120 Problems?
To: sentoa at lists.samurai.com, "Jeff Morris" <morris at novuscom.net>
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Hi Jeff,

I had several problems with my Raymarine "suite" of electronics in 2002
when we purchased Sea Racer new.  I believe they are the "C" generation
before the E-series.   Being relatively new product at that time, the
different linked-together components weren't all on the same page.

The Sonar Display, GPS, and the Autopilot went back to the factory for
hardware (board) changes, and my electronics guy brought the software in
all of the units to the same and latest rev 4.1.  It took a year of
messin' around.

But since then, except for random shutdowns of the GPS unit, everything
plays together as an excellent and valuable navigation tool.  Even so, I
think I'll go with Furuno on my next boat.

Check the Raymarine website for the latest fixes and software revisions,
and compare to your software revision when your units boot up.

Rich Losch
SEA RACER  NT 42-041

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