[Sentoa] Thru hull bots to zinc

Alan Smith omega32 at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 7 16:05:26 EDT 2006

Can any one tell me if the stern zinc bolt holes are drilled thru the hull with out filling the drill space prior to final drilling?
Are the bolts bedded with some type "putty" ?

While changing a stern zinc while the boat was in the water the bolt turned instead of the nut.  A white "smoke" appeared around the exterior of the hull at the bolt hole.  It is assumed that the white stuff may have been a bedding compound.  Inspecting the bolt from inside the hull showed no visible moisture.  The attached ground cable/wire did have quite a twisted hackle in it.  I am concerned about the integrity of the cables attachment to the bolt.  It is unreachable due to its location in the swim platform.  How is that cable terminated at the bolt?  Is there any danger of water in the hull lamination if the bolt is slightly loose?  Is there a core of some kind in the hull where the bolts pass thru?

Bob Shamek or anybody have any answers?


Alan Smith
Omega 32-234
Little Harbor, FL
omega32 at earthlink.net
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