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What I did  to pump anti-freeze into the A/C seawater pump was to  close the 
hull valve, empty the water out of the strainer body and screwed  a pipe into 
the body of the strainer. The pipe was about 6-7 inches long.  I filled the 
strainer and the pipe with anti-freeze, had a gallon or two of  anti-freeze 
ready and started the pump. As the level in the pipe went down, and  it went down 
quickly, I poured the 2 gallons of anti-freeze into the pipe. (I  put a hole 
in the top of the anti-freeze container to avoid the liquid from  gurgling) 
When I checked outside, there was pink fluid in the water. Based on  that I 
concluded that the anti-freeze displaced all of the seawater previously  in the 
Terry Gargan
New Rochelle, NY
Charlie Noble 32.004 (1986)
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