[Sentoa] Vacu-Flush Head

Jim Waskowich gybetalk at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 18:11:00 EDT 2007

My unit will hold the vacuum for a week between
usages, maybe longer for all I know.  Dunno, but if I
shut it off on Sunday, the next Saturday when I turn
it back on, the light will still be green.  So you
definitely have a leak somewhere...
--- "Cook, Carey" <CCook at sandc.com> wrote:

> My Vacu-Flush head is starting to cycle more often
> than I think is
> appropriate (8-10 "gulps" every 10 minutes or so). 
> I believe it's
> normal for the system to recharge itself every 3-3
> 1/2 hours, so I must
> have a slow vacuum leak somewhere.  The system
> recharges in less than a
> minute after about 50 "gulps", which I believe is
> about normal (i.e.,
> less than one minute).  As an aside, the ball seal
> in the bowl is fine
> in that the bowl holds water, so the leak must be
> downstream of the
> toilet bowl.  Do you suppose I can clear out the
> system by flushing
> several full bowls of water as Peggy Hall
> recommends.  Or are we looking
> at a duckbillectomy or worse.  Is this something I
> can do, or should I
> have a service shop do the work.  I can see how the
> duckbills mount
> inside the outlet fitting.   But there are two more
> duckbills inside the
> vacuum pump itself.  Thoughts?
> Carey Cook
> 32-138 LeeLoo
> Racine, WI (berth)

Jim Waskowich
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