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Probably the duckbill valves.  Fairly easy to service but there are two, one at the inlet of the vacuum generator and one at the outlet so make sure you check both.  Note also that the threads are reversed so you can save yourself some frustration if you remember that.  Could be something stuck between the "bills." Number one culprit - almonds.  They're more unlucky than having bananas aboard.   The system should hold its vacuum for DAYS without cycling.  You're correct that if the water doesn't disappear the leak is downstream from the bowl.  Could also be hose clamps so give them a little twist.  Might also be a pinhole leak in the piston diaphram but two to one it's a duckbill.  Interesting to note that if you have a Sealand macerator pump, the parts, including the piston and duckbills are interchangeable.  Could save your bacon someday because in an emergency you can cannibalize the macerator for vacuum generator parts.  Suggest you take out a loan and buy a set of the du
s.  I think they are $20+ for a set of two but if you need them they're priceless.

Worth a try to fill the bowl and really hit the duckbills with a slug of water.  Little like chicken soup for a cold; might not help but it won't hurt anything and it could obviate the need for a messy job.  Good luck.

Jim Moore
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> My Vacu-Flush head is starting to cycle more often than I think is
> appropriate (8-10 "gulps" every 10 minutes or so).  I believe it's
> normal for the system to recharge itself every 3-3 1/2 hours, so I must
> have a slow vacuum leak somewhere.  The system recharges in less than a
> minute after about 50 "gulps", which I believe is about normal (i.e.,
> less than one minute).  As an aside, the ball seal in the bowl is fine
> in that the bowl holds water, so the leak must be downstream of the
> toilet bowl.  Do you suppose I can clear out the system by flushing
> several full bowls of water as Peggy Hall recommends.  Or are we looking
> at a duckbillectomy or worse.  Is this something I can do, or should I
> have a service shop do the work.  I can see how the duckbills mount
> inside the outlet fitting.   But there are two more duckbills inside the
> vacuum pump itself.  Thoughts?
> Carey Cook
> 32-138 LeeLoo
> Racine, WI (berth)

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