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This was a big worry for us also. We have an older, noisy 16K unit which
turns our v berth into an ice cave, but, as you noted, the there is a lot of
glass topside in the boat.  The older unit worked well but kept us awake
with its compressor noise. Hopefully, the extremely high efficiency unit
will prove to be as quiet as the unit we observed and keep up with the heat.
The interior cubic footage was measured and consideration given to the
glass. Given the numbers, the factory believes the 12K will do the job as it
is really a 14K unit.  I realize this is somewhat of a gamble, but if we
loose, we're not back to square one. We'll have a quiet unit that runs on AC
and hopefully our battery bank, which we can enlarge. How quickly the
batteries recharge is the unanswered question. How well it will cool the 26
on the Chesapeake will be determined this summer. 

I think I had a typo on the amp draw. It probably should have been 265 amps
over a 12 hour period.  I'll report the yard tests when they're complete.

Elliot Kocen, Canvasback, NT26-150, Solomons, MD

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Just remember, the 26 has a lot more glass than a sailboat. We have a 16k 
a/c, and it is borderline on being enough cooling capacity here in the 

My plan for the sound shield cabinet is to exaust hot air from the motor end

with the fan, drawing air in on the generator end.
Bob Wiggins

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