[Sentoa] sound shield for genset

Jim Waskowich gybetalk at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 17:56:41 EDT 2007

Thanks Elliot, the results will be of interest for
sure.  The engineer in me can't help questioning...
Air conditioning from the house bank seems like the
holy grail of power management.
--- Elliot Kocen <edk1 at comcast.net> wrote:

> Jim, Just repeating what the factory rep said.  He
> ramped up the numbers
> from a recent test on their 7KBtu system using 2 X
> Lifeline 4D AGM batteries
> with inverter.  The test was run at Annapolis, MD on
> 8/16/06 in full sun on
> a Bavaria 44 Tri cabin sailboat. They cooled an
> unoccupied V berth of 260 cu
> ft free air space including head. The space had 2
> small side windows and
> three overhead hatches without shades.
> These results are quoted as follows:  "Total run
> time, 2.8 hours in 12 hours
> (23%)- Total system power consumption at 115v AC,
> 1,530 watts/hrs - Total
> system power consumption at 12v DC, 1,695
> watt/hours, 141 amp/hrs - cool
> down phase, 98F to 73F, 1.25 hours - Maintenance
> phase, 9 cycles.
> Conclusions:  In an overnight test of 12 hours, with
> starting cabin
> temperature of 98F and water temperature of 87F, the
> total 12 volt power
> consumption was a modest 141 amp/hrs."  
> I'll send you the test results and parameters by
> separate e-mail. Who knows,
> I'm no expert and, maybe, the ramp up is wrong. If
> so I'm wasting our money,
> but the yard doing the work looked over the test
> results and thought that it
> could work. We'll confirm the numbers next week on
> the 12KBtu unit as
> installed.  Elliot Kocen, Canvasback, NT 26-150,
> Solomons, MD

Jim Waskowich
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