[Sentoa] NT32 stern tube

J. M. Hebda railroad at sover.net
Fri Jun 8 20:56:14 EDT 2007

Just got our new 32 home, doing drive train work.
Started out simply needing a new rear cutlass bearing.
We discovered a burnt-up remains of a forward bearing
just aft of the stuffing box. Is this the same type
of cutlass bearing as the rear one by the rudder?
The area around the stuffing box was in shambles. The
water feed tube was plugged solid, and literally crumbled
in your hand at the stern tube trying to dis-assemble,
set-screws stripped, spun, or missing. Our boat mechanic
was cursing up a storm as you might imagine.
In addition to restoration of the shaft system, he suggests
an additional water feed hole through the shaft tube and
keel just ahead of the rear cutlass, a common practice
on other boat makes. What do you think?
Jerrry Hebda
NT32-031 Grande Isle VT
JMH 2007-06-08 2055e SX

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