[Sentoa] Solar Panels ?

Ron Smith hammyron at juno.com
Mon Jun 11 23:09:22 EDT 2007

Well I might as well get my 2 cents in too ....I have used Solar power
for more years than I can remember ...John is absolutely correct in that
it is the way to go ....I have used panels on my motor home's and boats
....as they keep getting bigger and better and even cheaper per watt , I
just today ordered two 130 watt panels from an outfit in Florida ..I even
have a generator on my boat and an inverter , I  paid considerable less
then the prices John showed ...and I will be using a 20 amp controller
for the two panels . they should be putting out about 16 AMPS in full
sunlight ...I prefer to not rely on the generator set ...the solar panels
are guaranteed for 25 years ...I like John's idea on the mounting blocks
..so with John's permission I will also mount my panels the same way
...they will be installed the next time I am up here in  Washington state
..I bought my panels direct from the supplier , they also have them
listed on Ebay for a bit more ...thanks John for the mounting tip ..

Ron and  Marlo Smith 
NT37-14  Marlo Ann 

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