[Sentoa] 432DL Ardic Furnace

Richard Moore dick at moorehome.org
Wed Jun 13 12:21:30 EDT 2007

As a follow up to the latest article in Waypoints, those of you
that have a 432DL furnace should take a good look at just
what you have in your lazarette.  By accident, I found that the
interior of the "muffler" that is in the exhaust is made up of
a perforated pipe.  The unit is stuffed with fiberglas for sound
deadning.  The problem is that the ends are not tightly sealed.
This has the potential of dumping the exhaust into the lazarette,
right next to the cabin air inlet.  In my opinion, the unit was designed
to be installed outside the cab of a truck, not in a sealed area.  I
changed mine to a solid 28mm stainless tube, surrounded by a
fiberglas boot, much like that shown in the Waypoint article. 
I then read the article in a recent Passagemaker Magazine, that
the new rules state that the outside of this boot must not be higher
than 180 degrees.  Mine was so hot that it changed the color of
the inside of the hull.  I had to have Marine Exhaust  apply the same
cover that is used on the engine exhaust.  It may be overkill, but that
is a decision you will have to make.  I also installed a CO detector
on the boat.

I have pictures if anyone is really interested to see how deteriorated
my manifold was before I discovered the problem.  I had little success
in getting either Scan Marine, the original supplier, or  Joe Franett at
Nordic to at least notify all the owners with this potential problem.  They
also have copies of all my photos.

My whole purpose is to keep someone from getting hurt from this, especially
those of you that use the furnace a lot.

Dick Moore

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