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Ron, do you know if this is a common design feature on
all the tugs or just on the 42?  
Grand Adventure
--- Seasalt007 at aol.com wrote:

> Here is an update regarding my last post about a
> reoccurring problem with  
> the stern tube where the internal cutlass bearing
> resides.
> My boat is in the yard getting the stern tube
> rebuilt. About two years  ago 
> one of the set screws holding the cutlass bearing in
> place fell out and I  had 
> to haul-out to get the screw back in because of
> water pressure. In fact  that 
> screw (at 10:00 looking aft under the generator) was
> difficult to  replace 
> even out of the water so the hole was sealed and a
> new one tapped that  was 
> easier to get to. They must have been drilled before
> the generator floor was  
> installed.
> About a month ago a major leak started at the shaft
> tube. It was determined  
> that more screws had backed out and that possibly
> the cutlass bearing was  
> spinning in the tube.
> At that point I called Dan H at Nordic Tug to see if
> he had ever heard of  
> such a problem before and did they have a
> recommended fix.  He said  that he had 
> never heard of the screws coming loose, and in fact,
>  became rather defensive 
> about the issue as if I was going to ask them to 
> pay for repairs on a 7 year 
> old boat. I called him to get information and to 
> pass on information but he 
> got going on an uninterruptible monologue about how 
> in 7 years who knows what 
> has been done to the boat before. I finally gave up 
> after realizing that he 
> wasn't going to listen.
> The boat yard now has pulled the interior cutlass
> bearing and not only was  
> it spinning in the tube, it reamed out the diameter
> of the stern tube so much  
> that an insert is needed to get the new bearing to
> fit snugly. So far, 
> counting  the repair two years ago, I am down about
> $3.000 fixing this issue.
> So, if you see any water in this area you might want
> to check your set  
> screws before the bearing starts spinning.
> Ron Carter
> Sedan 42-19
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