[Sentoa] Stern Tube & keel ballast

J. M. Hebda railroad at sover.net
Thu Jun 14 04:30:55 EDT 2007

After just trading up, from our fine NT26-114 Iron Horse,
to NT32-031 former Louise K, we discovered some items
of concern never encountered on the 26. A simple rear cutlass
bearing replacement job got much bigger, and raises other concerns.
Yes there is a forward cutlass bearing on this 32. The shaft is over 12'
long! It is under the coupling hose for the stuffing box. Not sure where
the set screws are supposed to be.
The rear cutlass was worn, spun, and loose in the tube.
The forward cutlass was totally burnt up only the bronze insert remained.
The water feed line to the forward end of the shaft tube was rotted and
plugged. All these things are being repaired no problem.
The concerns:
Boat mechanic tells us that the fiberglass shaft tube is a thin wall (1/8")
stock intended for use as exhaust tube, not the customary heavy shaft
tube (1/4")! This was clearly done at the factory, maybe a mistake?
The keel was filled with cement (?) and it did not flow all the way down to
the bottom, leaving a void below the shaft tube. Boat mech. drilled into the
keel below the tube at the stern end, and got over a gallon of trapped water
to drain. We believe it seeped down from the bilge, since the cement 
is not well
sealed to the inside of the keel. Is this ballast factory done? Is it common
Portland cement? Previously being a warm weather boat, she is heading
for her first cold weather lay up here in VT. Will the keel freeze and burst?
We plan to suck out as much moisture as possible, and inject resin in the void.
Please advise! Thanks!
Jerry Hebda
NT32-031, Grand Isle VT
JMH 2007-06-14 0435e SX
At 12:24 AM 6/14/2007, you wrote:
>To All:
>This discussion has made me concerned about my 32's stern tube. I don't know
>if I have a forward cutless- I have looked and all I see is the 
>heavy rubber hose that
>is part of the packing gland assembly, and it is clamped onto the 
>tube. Is this
>cutless under that hose, or should the screws be visible aft of the 
>hose and clamp?
>Thanks to all for your helpful information.
>John Cook
>Morning Mist 32-066
>Valdez Alaska

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