[Sentoa] Stern Tube

Bob Shamek Bobs at nordictug.com
Fri Jun 15 16:13:33 EDT 2007

Hi Ron,
Glad to hear Sedona is back in the water and running smooth, with in six
month of being aligned I would expect it to still be in alignment too.
But it always needs to be checked after having the shaft out of the boat
and the coupling off the shaft as well. 
Bob Shamek
Nordic Tugs 


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What you say is very true. Sedona was splashed yesterday morning and the
alignment checked this morning after sitting in the water for 24 hours.
It was within 1/1,000. I would have been surprised if it was out for two
reasons. One, it was aligned (didn't really need it) about 6 months ago
and two, it has been very smooth even with the spinning cutlass bearing.
The yard did a great (but expensive) fix.
Ron Carter
Sedona 42-19


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