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"How to most economically get the features I want" - well put! Thanks for your help. Being new to this type of boating, can you tell me what awlgripped means? There are alot of electronic equipment choices out there. Radar would be a must, due to the fog we have here in TN. We live on the Cumberland River and there's alot of tow boat/barge traffic. I really like the 2 pilothouse doors also. But that's not a must. I've received several responses to my post that I will follow up on. Thanks again for your time and help.
> From: Jerold Tabbott <jhtabbott at n-american.com>
> Date: 2007/06/20 Wed AM 09:05:34 CDT
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> Looking over current lot of 'for sales', while prices vary they  
> appear consistent when you factor in age, features, and location. The  
> older boats usually have more wear and tear. The better condition its  
> owners were able to give it, the higher the reflected value. Some  
> owners have had theirs awlgripped, which greatly improves the  
> appearance and value. Many have replaced the windows or panelling - a  
> big cost and factor in the value. Important considerations like  
> engine size and hours also affect the value.
> However, there are many extras (we're talking boating)  that affect  
> the overall value. Some are very well equipped (radar, chartplotter,  
> windlass, FW systems, generators, blackwater systems, thrusters,  
> etc., etc.), and these all add to the price. One consideration you  
> might have is which of these you might really want, and whether you'd  
> rather save money on the purchase price and install any desired  
> equipment new (depending upon your wish list, this can be expensive),  
> or select a comparably equipped tug from the start.
> The Nordic Tugs seem to hold higher values up in the Northwest.  
> Values in the South tend to be lowest, but depending upon what type  
> of boating you want to do,  and assuming the condition of the boats  
> are about equal, the deciding factor will probably be how to most  
> economically get the features you want.
> Jerold Tabbott
> jhtabbott at n-american.com
> On Jun 20, 2007, at 12:16 AM, <lsimpkins53 at bellsouth.net>  
> <lsimpkins53 at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> > We are wanting to buy a 26'. Does anyone know what year they  
> > started putting a door on each side of the pilothouse? Also, I have  
> > seen several ads for models 1981-1984 and the prices seem to vary  
> > alot!Can you recommend any websites with listings? We live in TN.  
> > Appreciate any help you can give us - we just gotta have a tug!
> > Lynn Simpkins
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