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> "How to most economically get the features I want" - well put!  
> Thanks for your help. Being new to this type of boating, can you  
> tell me what awlgripped means? There are alot of electronic  
> equipment choices out there. Radar would be a must, due to the fog  
> we have here in TN. We live on the Cumberland River and there's  
> alot of tow boat/barge traffic. I really like the 2 pilothouse  
> doors also. But that's not a must. I've received several responses  
> to my post that I will follow up on. Thanks again for your time and  
> help.
> Lynn

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> Lynn,
> Awlgrip is a paint, but when properly applied by experts the results
> are a bright 'factory new' looking boat. Typically, all nicks, dings,
> and blemishes are cleaned, sanded, filled and gone before they even
> begin painting. And the paint job itself involves several treatments
> before producing the final shine they're looking for. Oh, and pretty
> expensive, too.

Awlgrip is one of several two-part linear polyurethane finishes.  It  
is available in a rainbow of colors to match most anything, as well  
as clear.  Typically the boat would be compounded to remove dings and  
blemishes, followed by two coats sprayed on by experts.  Many (most?)  
boatyards have the capability and will have a favorite brand.  The  
finish is very long-lived and doesn't fade from sun exposure like a  
gel-coat will.  We had the red hull of our 32' clear-coated with  
Awlgrip in 2001.  The red, two years old, was faded badly,  
particularly on the port side which faces the sun at our dock.  After  
compounding, which restored the color, it was clear-coated.  It still  
looks show-room bright today.  Many older boats have been painted in  
various colors because the gel-coat had faded too badly to restore  
and many boat manufacturers paint as new, over white fiberglass.  Two- 
part linear polyurethane is the way to go for a long-lasting finish.   
Yes, it is expensive.

Rick Quarles
Barric II, Nordic Tug 32-147
New Bern, NC

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