[Sentoa] Shaft

Dean Raffaelli deanraf at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 22 10:01:38 EDT 2007

Well, now you have me nervous. I was living in ignorant bliss till I  
started to read this thread.

Over the winter I replaced my stuffing box with a PSS drip-less seal  
and also got my prop reconditioned, some thing I highly recommend.

I did a lot of banging on things to get every thing off and then back  

In the end I just slide it all back together, tightened it down hard  
(I could not find specs for the torque on the coupler bolts) and went  

I thought of checking the alignment, but could not physically see how  
to do it.

I guess I will stick my head in the bilge and see if things are in  
order. And if the lake ever warms up, go over the side and wiggle the  
prop around.

Thanks again!

Dean Raffaelli
Carrie Rose 32044
Chi-Town, IL

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