[Sentoa] Fun with Stoves and Water Heaters

Cook, Carey CCook at sandc.com
Mon Jun 25 14:43:22 EDT 2007

Thanks for adding another possibility to consider to my water heater
problem.  In my case the water heater is in the engine spaces on the
port side.  The pressure relief valve is hose connected to the
shaft-alley bilge and I could see a small stream of nice clean hot water
emptying into the bilge.  The cause?  The water might be too hot because
of a defective fixed-temperature thermostat, and this is causing the
pressure relief valve to open.  Or, the pressure relief valve itself
might be failing (your problem).  Has anyone else experienced this
problem?  What might be the likely cause?  Thermostat or valve?  Is
having to replace the water heater after eight years normal?  It
probably is (ouch).
Carey Cook
32-138 -- LeeLoo
Racine, WI (berth)
PS:  Interesting that our hull numbers are only apart by 6, yet we have
different water heater installations.


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Carey, I to had found my water pump cycling on and off at times but,
couldn't find any leaks so I thought it was a problem with the pump.
After a very, very long time I discovered that my pressure relief valve
for the hot water heater discharged over board (never thought to look
over the side), I had found my leak, the valve. For those of us who have
our hot water heater under the sink know, there is little room for man
and water heater under there, anyway while changing the valve I caused
another leak some where on the tank. All this caused me to replace the
heater with an all S/S four gallon heater and this also this gave me
some extra room under there. Problem solved and haven't noticed the loss
of two gallons either.

Richard Maresca
CARISMA  32-144

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