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What  might be the likely cause? 

For a long time, I had problems with almost invisible leaks that were  
caused, I think, by too many years of hose clamps, plastic tubing and hot  water.  
The leaks were so insidious and so small that finding them was  difficult.  
When I had an a/c and genset installed, the new hot water heater --  after 8 
years the old one was shot -- was moved to beneath the inboard removable  
section of the athwartships bench seat.  The new location, above the water  line, 
seems to result in a better flow. The new heater certainly does a  better job 
of producing hot water.
When I first got the boat, the water heater would trip the circuit  breaker 
when the water got too hot. I don't remember if I was able to  adjust the temp 
or not, but the problem eventually disappeared.
If I were you, I'd replace the heater and check the in and out lines for  
distortion, fissures and just plain old age.
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