[Sentoa] Headliner Material

Charles E. Billings ceb at oz.net
Mon Jun 25 19:03:55 EDT 2007

I just received a call from a "tugger" in Tennessee who is not "on-line" and wants to put new headliner material in the saloon of his 1991 tug.   The headliner in the pilot house and the forward cabin are "in like new condition", but a leak in the pilot house/saloon roof joint has caused discoloration and deterioration of the saloon headliner.   He would like to replace the headliner with the same type material as the rest of the tug, rather than have a mis-match.   I suggested he contact Bob Shamek at the factory who may be able to supply the name of a source of material that would match the original.   Has anyone on this list taken on this type of project, and could offer info on replicating the original material?   I know many of you have replaced the headliner with newer types of material, but this owner wants to keep the tug as original as possible.
Comments, suggestions?
Charlie Billings
NOBSKA, 32-057
Bremerton YC, WA
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