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Fellow Tuggers-

Was out of internet service for a couple days and find the thread still going.

 The problem with the VacuFlush device going out of register is not on the release action, it's on the flush action.  AND, it's happened again, twice in the last week while cruising.  If you're lucky, you can feel some extra resistance when you first depress the pedal, then you can tap the pedal a couple times, lift it as you would to fill the bowl and work the "ball" valve free.  However you usually just step on the pedal smartly to maximize the vacuum effect and there's no recovery if it slips out of register.   We found no satisfaction in talking to the factory 3 years ago, "First time they heard of that," and then the service agent said they'd redesigned the spring cartridge to eliminate the problem they'd never heard of.  Too typical of manufacturers to play dumb instead of correcting an obvious design problem.  We think we may have found a "band-aid," not a cure, by regularly squirting a small amount of liquid soap in the bowl to lube the "ball" valve.  However, if the 
ance is in the bearing surface on the "ball" valve shaft, that's probably not going to help.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, VacuFlush is a good product with a serious design flaw.  Imagine a boatload of people, the toilet malfunctions and you get to lie down in the head, disassemble the flushing mechanism, reach in and rotate the "ball" valve 90 degrees, then reassemble.  Nasty job that could be corrected easily by the mfr if they were so motivated.

James Moore
RILEY 37085

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> I believe The Headmistress said to hold the VacuFlush pedal down for 5 seconds 
> and let it snap back up for proper operation.
> Al McKennney
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