[Sentoa] Toilets and other things

Jim Waskowich gybetalk at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 19:40:14 EDT 2007

I have had the phenom of the ball sticking when
depressing the pedal and found the seat needed to be
cleaned.  Work their scrubbie-on-a-stick around the
perimeter between the ball and the seat using the gel
that comes in the kit.  Restores silky smooth
operation.  I take it from your report if you force
the ball, you're in deep doo-doo... good lesson!
--- tugs4me at comcast.net wrote:

> Fellow Tuggers-
> Was out of internet service for a couple days and
> find the thread still going.
>  The problem with the VacuFlush device going out of
> register is not on the release action, it's on the
> flush action.  AND, it's happened again, twice in
> the last week while cruising.  If you're lucky, you
> can feel some extra resistance when you first
> depress the pedal, then you can tap the pedal a
> couple times, lift it as you would to fill the bowl
> and work the "ball" valve free.  However you usually
> just step on the pedal smartly to maximize the
> vacuum effect and there's no recovery if it slips
> out of register...

Jim Waskowich
Grand Adventure

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