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cooking oil is a good  lube for all toilets.
Bob Wiggins
Clemson, SC

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> Fellow Tuggers-
> Was out of internet service for a couple days and find the thread still 
> going.
> The problem with the VacuFlush device going out of register is not on the 
> release action, it's on the flush action.  AND, it's happened again, twice 
> in the last week while cruising.  If you're lucky, you can feel some extra 
> resistance when you first depress the pedal, then you can tap the pedal a 
> couple times, lift it as you would to fill the bowl and work the "ball" 
> valve free.  However you usually just step on the pedal smartly to 
> maximize the vacuum effect and there's no recovery if it slips out of 
> register.   We found no satisfaction in talking to the factory 3 years 
> ago, "First time they heard of that," and then the service agent said 
> they'd redesigned the spring cartridge to eliminate the problem they'd 
> never heard of.  Too typical of manufacturers to play dumb instead of 
> correcting an obvious design problem.  We think we may have found a 
> "band-aid," not a cure, by regularly squirting a small amount of liquid 
> soap in the bowl to lube the "ball" valve.  However, if the
> resist
> ance is in the bearing surface on the "ball" valve shaft, that's probably 
> not going to help.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, VacuFlush is a good 
> product with a serious design flaw.  Imagine a boatload of people, the 
> toilet malfunctions and you get to lie down in the head, disassemble the 
> flushing mechanism, reach in and rotate the "ball" valve 90 degrees, then 
> reassemble.  Nasty job that could be corrected easily by the mfr if they 
> were so motivated.
> James Moore
> RILEY 37085
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>> I believe The Headmistress said to hold the VacuFlush pedal down for 5 
>> seconds
>> and let it snap back up for proper operation.
>> Al McKennney
>> aem2 at prodigy.net


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