[Sentoa] Cleaning Walker Air Sep

Jim Waskowich gybetalk at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 08:56:43 EST 2008

Mike - thanks very much.  No, I can't open the .pub
files.  Had the same prob with the ones for the
alternator and water pump!  You would think MS would
allow them to open with Word, etc, but apparently not
the case...

--- beemersboat at att.net wrote:

> Jim,
> See attached document. I included the Walker Air sep
> during my N.T. presentation at Roche Harbor, sping
> 2007. Let me know if you can't view the it. It's the
> instructions and part numbers for the cleaning kit -
> rather simple and doesn't need to happen very ofter.
> The NAPA part number is a bit cheaper.
> Michael Beemer
> Essential Provisioning.
> -------------- Original message from Jim Waskowich
> <gybetalk at yahoo.com>: -------------- 
> > Anyone cleaned their blue Walker Air Sep air
> filter? 
> > Got a recommended source for the cleaning kit? Can
> > the K&N cleaning kit be used (available at NAPA, 
> > etc...)? Jim

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