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I mounted a microwave from sailor sams over the galley cabinet behind the port pilot house seat.  Than got a 110 v sharp lcd tv, removed the stand, made an oak mount and bolted it to the top of the microwave.  Had to remove the microwave cabinet to drill holes and mount the oak to the top of the microwave.  I use a small converter that plugs into the 12v outlet in the galley.  I use a unidirectional tv antenna on the pilot house roof with an amplifier in the top of the galley cabinet.  Tried to mount the antenna in the stack, but it works better on the roof.  
Can take a photo if you like. need your email address to send.

Bob Wiggins
Clcmson, SC
currently in Key Largo

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Has someone installed a TV in their 26?   If so, where did you put it....space is  small!   12v?   Flat screen?   Thanks!

Nick Lacy
Daisy 26 079
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