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Thu Jan 17 13:11:54 EST 2008

another thought:

we watch DVDs on a widescreen notebook PC.  the little cabinet underneath the pilot's seat is STUFFED with games, cards, puzzles, you name it.  just for me, the tug is a fantastic place to get away from the TV and sitcoms.  the DVR at home captures the daily show and the family guy and my other addictions, including that I somehow got addicted to "project runway", and I am devoutly hetero near as I can tell..  go figger....

my experience with music studios applies to other electronics though:  I would completely avoid "combination appliances".  in addition to the fact that one part can break while the other still works, one part can become obsolete while the other still works.  your stacks of vinyl, cassettes, VHS tapes, and floppy disks should convince any of us of that!

smooth seas and favorable currents,

jim carroll
shulala 26-068

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Subject: [Sentoa] TV

Has someone installed a TV in their 26?   If so, where did you put it....space is  small!   12v?   Flat screen?   Thanks!

Nick Lacy
Daisy 26 079


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