[Sentoa] Plumbing Mystery

Hubert Wrocklage HWrocklage at lubriplate.com
Thu Jan 17 15:59:29 EST 2008

Sorry for the delay. 

I do not have what you describe but this could be the raw water line to
cool/lubricate a positive shaft seal. Hopefully that water line from the
trans-cooler is not just discharging the water overboard. Your
turbo/engine heat exchanger needs all the water it can get to reduce
exhaust gas temps to exhaust system. Some of the NTs are experiencing
higher exhaust temps than they should.

Our positive shaft seal (PSS) draws water from a separate/dedicated
sea-cock for that purpose only. Please let us know how you are doing in
your rehab.

Butch Wrocklage
Saint Louis, MO.

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This winter we are doing some rehab to the raw water system.
Found a small water line running from the transmission oil cooler
drain to a discharge overboard just below the right helm door. It has
a very small, maybe 1/8" outlet. It is not shown or mentioned in any
of the NT or Cummins documents we have.Anybody else have it?
Wonder if it has a critical function?
Big storm today! The old tug has never felt snow, cold and ice before!
Jerry Hebda, NT32-031
Water Horse, Grand Isle VT
JMH 2007-12-16 1720e SX

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