[Sentoa] older 26 wipers...

jim carroll brownislandjim at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 20 02:48:32 EST 2008


we have an 83 26', and one of the wiper motors has stripped it's shaft.  I 
know the easy thing to do is replace the motor or the shaft from american, 
but it has me wondering how difficult it would be to install the pantograph 
wiper arms.  of course the radial-style motors that are in place now are all 
in the corners of the windows, and I suspect the pantograph style would have 
to be center mounted so it is probably a HUGE undertaking with new holes in 
the pilothouse to boot.  has anyone tackled this deal?  also, I guess I am 
pretty much a felix unger type, because it BUGS me that the wipers do not 
sync.  they each beat to their own drummer.  the solution may be "get over 
it".  just wondering.

on a related subject, the rain-x anti-fog does a pretty good job when the 
espar has us toasty inside while it is cold and wet outside.  but has anyone 
installed a better de-fog solution than the little battery-powered fans that 
sit on the dash?  it would be WAY cool to have a real defroster system of 
some sort.  maybe while I'm buggering up the overhead moving the wiper 
motors?  :>)

thanks for any suggestions,

jim carroll
shulala 26-068 

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