[Sentoa] Missing Tug

Charles E. Billings ceb at oz.net
Wed Jan 23 12:48:58 EST 2008

    I'm trying to locate the owner of 37-098.   Last know location was Surf 
Side, Florida.   Several attempts to mail him the Fall '07 issue of Nordic 
Tug Owners Newsletter were unsuccessful with the newsletters returned to me 
with a "return to sender, no such number, unable to forward" note from the 
postal authorities.
    I also don't have a name for the tug; it's listed in the Fleet List by 
hull number only.
    Perhaps the owner has moved, or the tug has been sold?   Anyone know 
where this tug is?   If so, please let me know at ceb at oz.net, or give the 
owner my E-mail address and ask him/her to contact me to receive the 
    Thanks for your help.
Happy tuggin',
Charlie Billings
Editor, Nordic Tug Owners Newsletter
NOBSKA, 32-057
Bremerton YC, WA 

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