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I've seen Nordic Tug 32's, predating the factory installed defroster,  
whose owners have mounted low-draw 12 volt fans on each side of the  
pilothouse aimed at the windows.  Hella makes one that was highly  
rated by Powerboat Reports a few years back.  It only draws 200 mA  
and has a 5,000 hour motor.  Caframo makes a less expensive fan but  
the motor is only rated at 2,000 hours.  Nevertheless, I have three  
of the Caframo units in our staterooms and they have worked well to  
keep the air moving on muggy nights.

Herb Nickles
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On Jan 30, 2008, at 2:01 AM, jim carroll wrote:

> hope I am doing this right.  I asked and got ONE suggestion, and  
> would like to try again.  with the espar keeping the tug quite  
> cozy, the pilothouse windows fog up a bit on cold/wet days.  the  
> rain-x anti-fog solution in the dark bottle helps a LOT.  one  
> tugger suggested routing some espar output from the front cabin  
> outlet up to the windows, and that seems like a brilliant idea.   
> I'm willing to do the ducting/routing.   but my question is this:   
> if having the furnace on creates the temperature differential that  
> makes the windows condense (fog up), won't putting that output more  
> directly on the windows make it WORSE?  I am fairly bright about  
> some stuff.  obviously this is not it.  we are caretakers on a san  
> juan island, so we do most of our cruising in the shoulder  
> seasons.  summer is too busy.  thoughts?
> thanks,
> jim and hollie
> brown island
> shulala 26-068
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