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Dan and Jeanne Adams tugboat.snug at comcast.net
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I have this little sponge, came from Eddie Bauer I think, the purpose of which is to wipe away such condensation on the inside, and it doesn't come back.  It works.  Lots simpler, easier, and less costly than jiggering up a forced air defroster.

Dan Adams
Stafford, VA

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  hope I am doing this right.  I asked and got ONE suggestion, and would like to try again.  with the espar keeping the tug quite cozy, the pilothouse windows fog up a bit on cold/wet days.  the rain-x anti-fog solution in the dark bottle helps a LOT.  one tugger suggested routing some espar output from the front cabin outlet up to the windows, and that seems like a brilliant idea.  I'm willing to do the ducting/routing.   but my question is this:  if having the furnace on creates the temperature differential that makes the windows condense (fog up), won't putting that output more directly on the windows make it WORSE?  I am fairly bright about some stuff.  obviously this is not it.  we are caretakers on a san juan island, so we do most of our cruising in the shoulder seasons.  summer is too busy.  thoughts?


  jim and hollie
  brown island
  shulala 26-068


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