[Sentoa] Inspection Port for Diesel Fuel Tank

Chip Worster olesalte at earthlink.net
Thu May 1 20:05:42 EDT 2008

My next project on "Chip Ahoy" is the installation of an inspection port on my diesel tank. My question is, does the small 40 gallon tank used on several of the 26' tugs contain baffles, and if so are they are they orientated port to starboard or fore and aft. My guess is fore and aft.

Has anyone used a product put out by Seabuilt for the inspection port. It looks like the way to go.  http://seabuilt.com/index.php

Chip Worster Aboard Nordic Tug "Chip Ahoy" NT26145
Satellite Beach FL
olesalte at earthlink.net
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