[Sentoa] Motors

Dean Raffaelli deanraf at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 10 09:35:05 EDT 2010

Just a thought. It will not be the solution for most but I bought a Torqeedo electric outboard when it first came out and have been very pleased with it. 

It even got whacked when a sailboat crashed into Carrie Rose. The main support cracked but it was easily replaced.

There are a few issues with mine that I would change and it seems they have addressed these in their second generation motors.

It is not cheap, once discharged the battery take quite a while to recharge (AC only), it was hard to figure out how to secure it, and the main control cable is pretty flimsy, but I would buy another one without a second thought. Plus I think the new motor has fixed some of the above stated problems.

As far as dinghies go, I love my home built wooden one, though I am not sure I will take it cruising. Inflatables (I own two) are functional but boy are they ungainly and ugly!

Dean Raffaelli
Carrie Rose 32044
Chi-Town, IL

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