[Sentoa] Electrical Upgrades to Respite

Richard Nye rvnye at cox.net
Mon Sep 13 21:24:37 EDT 2010

I put these in my 32-296


They were $15 each.  The cost really adds up.  I think in the NT32 there are
8 in the foc¹sle, 4 in the pilot house, 2 in the head, and 6 in the salon
(going by memory - I could be wrong).  The hard part was removing the glass
lens from the light fixtures.  There is a bayonet fitting made out of
plastic and it¹s hard to get a good grip on it to unscrew the plastic

I went with the warm white except in the head, those are the bright white.
If I had to do it over again, I¹d do the same.  The light isn¹t quite as
attractive as the halogen bulbs.  It¹s a bit more yellow.  But the LEDs
don¹t give off any heat, and I don¹t feel like I need to control the amount
of time they¹re on.  They are plenty bright too.

I wouldn¹t hesitate to do that again.

Dick Nye
Sojourn, Newport Beach, CA

On 9/13/10 10:30 AM, "Bryan Genez" <sarayu at genez.us> wrote:

> Stephen Hill  wrote:
>> I also replaced all my bulbs with LED's. All work great except those in the
>> salon that are controlled with the chrome TriLight dimmer switches. When
>> we're at anchor and the voltage drops just a little (to say 12.5V), when you
>> turn on the switch, you don't get the brightness you should. All others that
>> are on a straight on/off switch work just fine.
>> Any suggestions?
> I just found this site, which looks interesting.  The A2 through A7 LEDs are
> G4 replacements; the A3 and A5 are dimmable.
> <http://www.sailorsams.com/led-lights.htm>

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