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David Cheyette david at cheyette.com
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Hi Ron,


I installed a Magnum inverter about 18 months ago on our 37.  The
prewiring done by the factory is very good.  On our boat, the factory
had some starboard mounted, including preset holes for a particular
inverter (not the one that I chose).  Instead of trying to modify the
holes on the existing starboard, I bought another piece of starboard,
laid the inverter on it and then made the mounting holes on that piece.
Then I mounted the new starboard using the existing mount holes from the
factory, finally mounting the inverter onto the new piece of starboard.
This was a very solid installation.


Now, when it came to the wiring/setup, I left it to the marine
electrician.  Lots of fuses/shunts, etc to be installed to make it a
safe installation.  Ours works great.


David Cheyette

Maisy 37-100







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Several people that are interested in buying my boat and moving it north
are asking where the propane tank would be stored on a 42?. My boat has
an electric stove/oven and a big generator but apparently the boats that
were delivered to northern buyers had a propane system. These potential
buyers would like to convert to propane. I understand that propane is
heavier than air so the tank must be able to vent overboard. 


Another question involves installing an inverter. I have heard that NT's
are pre wired for this. I know that I have some spare wire curled up in
the engine room that runs up to the panel. Would an inverter be a major




Ron Carter

Sedona 42-19

Punta Gorda, Fl

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