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I have model year 2000  42,  hull number 27. I bought it in 2007  from the 
original owner and I have 2 propane tanks stored in the false stack  with a 
quick throw valve when one goes empty. I think this was installed at the  
factory in 2000 at the request of the original owner. I can see the hose going 
 straight down between the tanks and it disappears into the deck. Not 
really sure  how it is routed to my Force 10 stove, but  I sure like this  
Harry Nystrom
Reflection  NT 42 hull #27
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I have a  locker on the lazzerette deck that holds the propane.  The locker 
is open  at the bottom and any propane leaks out and drains through some 
large  scuppers.  I also have an invertor and it works well.   Located  on the 
port side above 6 6v golf cart batteries. 
I can send  picture of any part you would find useful. 
Tom  Hollinger 
Penelope  NT  42-28 
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Several  people that are interested in buying my boat and moving it north 
are asking  where the propane tank would be stored on a 42?. My boat has an 
electric  stove/oven and a big generator but apparently the boats that were 
delivered to  northern buyers had a propane system. These potential buyers 
would like to  convert to propane. I understand that propane is heavier than 
air so the tank  must be able to vent overboard. 

Another  question involves installing an inverter. I have heard that NT's 
are pre wired  for this. I know that I have some spare wire curled up in the 
engine room that  runs up to the panel. Would an inverter be a major  job?


Ron  Carter
Sedona  42-19
Punta  Gorda,  Fl

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