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Hey thanks, Bob.  I spoke to the guy at Tides Marine today, before reading your post.  He would like to have the rudder bearing part number, which he says is a six digit number, and which he says can be read on the "head" of the bearing, "just above the hull".  I haven't gone to the boat yet to contort myself into an increasingly small space and try to retrieve this number. He seemed to feel this would be obvious upon observing the whole rudder/steering assembly.  I hope so. 

But, if your rudder stock measures 2 inches (diameter? circumference?), then are you confirming or disagreeing that I  need a 1.25" lip seal per Bob Shamek's recommendation? I will measure my rudder stock when I get to the boat, assuming it is accessible without dismantling anything, as we are not hauled at present.  


Steve Weiser
Nordic Tug 37-114
Alameda, Calif.

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Recently removed rudder upper bearing and the rudder itself in order to pull main shaft.

My rudder stock measures 2". There is a tides marine part number embossed on the top of the lip seal. If you can read that it will facilitate Tides parts guy to get you the right lip seal.  They were very helpful on the phone with some good tips for reassembly. You can find their phone from the website.  Lip seal and retaining ring run about $60.00.

Good luck.

Bob Geary
North Star. NT 37-134

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